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Analysis and Optimization Software Solutions from Altair

Altair Engineering - RADIOSS


RADIOSS is a next-generation finite element solver for linear and non-linear simulations. It can be used to simulate structures, fluids, fluid-structure interaction, sheet metal stamping, and mechanical systems. This robust, multidisciplinary solution allows manufacturers to maximize durability, noise and vibration performance, crashworthiness, safety, and manufacturability of designs in order to bring innovative products to market faster.

RADIOSS has been an industry staple for high-speed impact simulation for over 20 years. Automotive and aerospace companies value the contribution it makes in understanding and predicting design behavior in complex environments. In recent years thru the addition of implicit finite element solver capabilities RADIOSS has become a viable option also for standard analyses and linear dynamics.

The tight integration with HyperWorks environment makes RADIOSS a powerful design tool. Aside from modeling and visualization, RADIOSS models are ready for optimization. Transition to the optimization solver OptiStruct and HyperStudy is easy.

Altair Engineering - AcuSolve


AcuSolve is a leading general-purpose finite element-based Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) flow solver with superior robustness, speed, and accuracy. AcuSolve can be used by designers and research engineers with all levels of expertise, either as a standalone product or seamlessly integrated into a powerful design and analysis application. With AcuSolve, users can quickly obtain quality solutions without iterating on solution procedures or worrying about mesh quality or topology.

Key Benefits

  • Robustness - Most problems solved on the first attempt
  • Speed - Fully coupled solver on shared-memory and distributed parallel systems
  • Accuracy - Highly accurate in space and time while globally and locally conservative

Altair Engineering - OptiStruct


OptiStruct is an award-winning finite-element based technology for conceptual design synthesis and structural optimization. OptiStruct helps engineers and designers rapidly develop lightweight, structurally efficient designs by creating innovative concepts. By predicting optimal shapes of structures early in the design process using topology optimization methods, OptiStruct facilitates an analysis-driven design process that results in more efficient designs in shorter design cycle times.

As the design process advances, OptiStruct's powerful shape and size optimization capabilities can be applied to further improve design performance. Using highly advanced optimization algorithms, OptiStruct can solve the most complex optimization problems with thousands of design variables in a short period of time.

Altair Engineering - HyperStudy


Altair HyperStudy is a design study tool that was developed for engineers and designers, who want to improve designs, run what-if scenarios, correlate test data, optimize difficult multi-disciplinary design problems, and assess design reliability and robustness. Through its open interface system, HyperStudy enables users to run design of experiments (DOE), optimization and stochastic studies on models from numerous simulation codes such as nCode, ABAQUS, RADIOSS or Fluent.

HyperStudy is integrated into the HyperWorks environment, which makes it easy to set up, run and evaluate studies. The interaction with HyperMesh's powerful morphing capabilities is unique and shape optimization variables can be set up with only a few mouse clicks.

Industry-leading optimization algorithms, such as "adaptive response surface", "sequential quadratic programming" and "genetic algorithm" are implemented into HyperStudy. Therefore, HyperStudy finds the optimum design most efficiently.

Integrated with PBS Professional and other compute resource management systems, HyperStudy intelligently submits simulation jobs on available hardware resources. This ensures that study jobs are executed as cost- and time- efficiently as possible. Since its first release, HyperStudy has set the standard for an open and easy-to-use simulation study environment.

Altair Engineering - MotionSolve


Simulating real-world physics and accurately predicting system behavior is the key to obtaining maximum value from CAE software. It involves intelligent modeling assumptions, choosing the right numerical solution algorithms and carefully examining the results to ensure that they are meaningful.

Altair® MotionSolveTM is the right tool for the job. MotionSolve is a next-generation, multi-body systems analysis software based on a revolutionary new formulation technique. It provides analysts and designers with a broad selection of modeling entities to accurately model complex mechanical systems with minimal assumptions. The robust software is especially tailored for models containing a number of large, flexible bodies. It employs numerically stiff solution algorithms that are well suited to accurately solve a wide variety of problems. Finally, its availability within the HyperWorks suite provides users with an unmatched, built-in capability to analyze and evaluate system response.

Altair Engineering - HyperForm


Altair HyperForm is a comprehensive FE-based sheet metal forming simulation framework. HyperForm leverages years of Altair’s experience in manufacturing simulation and process design to help develop the optimal manufacturing process.

The unique Hyperform environment includes:

  • Accurate blank-shape prediction and intuitive nesting interface.
  • The fastest inverse solver for quick one-step analysis
  • Parametric and NURBS Surface based die development tool
  • Comprehensive interface to perform incremental analysis with auto-setup and a multi-stage manager for hands-off job execution

Altair Engineering - HyperXtrude


Today's extrusion companies are forced to produce a higher mix of complex profiles, in shorter product development cycles, while simultaneously reduce their production costs. Altair HyperXtrude is a simulation tool developed to analyze and validate the design of extrusion dies and process.

As the pioneering technology in this field, HyperXtrude accurately simulates the material flow and heat transfer during extrusion processes thereby allowing the user to significantly reduce die design time and costly die tryouts. HyperXtrude includes:

  • Extrusion specific Graphical User Interface guides user to prepare model setup analysis.
  • Ability to analyze extrusion of metals, polymers, pastes, and ceramics.
  • Built-in tool deflection analysis module allows the designers to compute die deflection and resulting stresses in the tool.
  • Capable of modeling co-extrusion of two or more materials.
  • Intergrated with Altair HyperStudy for optimization of die bearing, porthole, and pocket shapes.

Altair Engineering - Inspire


solidThinking InspireTM creates efficient design concepts for design engineers, product designers and architects. Inspire uses Altair’s industry-leading OptiStruct® optimization technology to develop design concepts which are efficient for structural performance and weight. Inspire’s easy to use interface guides the user to build design models and visualize the resulting design concepts. Thus the users can rapidly arrive at efficient structural designs with the least amount of time.