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Altair Engineering - CAE Suite of Solutions

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We are Exclusive Business Partner of Altair Engineering in INDIA for their CAE suite of Solutions.

They include an integrated suite of CAE tools spanning:

  • Finite Element Modelling and Assembly
  • Linear Analysis and Solver Interfacing
  • Optimization and Robust Design
  • Visualization, Reporting and Collaboration
  • Process Automation and Data Management
  • Manufacturing Process Simulation

Electromagnetic Simulation Software

Altair Engineering - FEKO


FEKO is well-known electromagnetic simulation software that facilitates electromagnetic field analysis of various Structures. Based on cutting edge computational electromagnetic techniques, it offers comprehensive suite of tools for in-depth analysis of varied problems in the electromagnetic domain faced frequently by the engineers. Having presence in the industry worldwide, FEKO is an established name globally, having a reputation of making challenges easier for engineers in the field of Electromagnetic analysis.

Applications :

  • Antenna Analysis
  • Antenna Placement
  • EMC Analysis
  • Cable Coupling Analysis
  • Bio-Electromagnetics and Biomedical Applications
  • Radiation Exposure Safety Studies
  • Microwave and RF Components and Circuits
  • Time Domain Analysis

Advantages :

  • Consists of multiple solvers in all versions and Hybridization of the solvers - methods can be applied distinctly or together for uniting the strengths of most pertinent or applicable techniques
  • Simple workflows contain all facets from geometry modelling and solution set-up to advanced post processing, results visualization and generation of reports
  • It is made available with a completely parallelized solver with multi-core CPU and GPU support
  • Supports high performance computing
  • Compatible with all the leading AD software and can import data in all CAD formats