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Modeling and Visualization Software Solutions from Altair

Altair Engineering - HyperMesh


Altair HyperMesh is a high-performance finite element pre-processor that provides a highly interactive and visual environment to analyze product design performance.

With the broadest set of direct interfaces to commercial CAD and CAE systems, HyperMesh provides a proven, consistent analysis platform for the entire enterprise.

With a focus on engineering productivity, HyperMesh is the user-preferred environment for:

  • Solid Geometry Modeling
  • Shell Meshing
  • Model Morphing
  • Detailed Model Setup
  • Surface Geometry Modeling
  • Solid Mesh Generation
  • Automatic mid-surface generation
  • Batch Meshing

Altair Engineering - HyperView


Altair HyperView is a complete post-processing and visualization environment for finite element analysis, multi-body system simulation, digital video, and engineering data. HyperView combines advanced animation and XY plotting features with window synching to enhance results visualization. HyperView also saves 3D animation results in Altair's compact H3D format, so users can visualize and share CAE results within a 3D web environment using Altair HyperView Player.

Altair Engineering - HyperGraph


Altair HyperGraph is a powerful data analysis and plotting tool with interfaces to many popular file formats. Its sophisticated math engine is capable of processing even the most complex mathematical expressions. HyperGraph combines these features with high-quality presentation output and customization capabilities to create a complete data analysis system for any organization.

Altair Engineering - HyperCrash


HyperCrash is a robust pre-processing environment specifically designed to automate the creation of high-fidelity models for crash analysis and safety evaluation. Developed in cooperation with the industry's leading manufacturers, HyperCrash increases departmental efficiency and results accuracy through process driven workflows and automated model checking and correction.

HyperCrash includes a robust set of user-utilities for the most intricate crash and safety modeling tasks including; part replacement and positioning, dummy positioning and seatbelt routing.

Combining the power of an intuitive GUI with an automated set of proven crash and safety modeling procedures, HyperCrash enables users to realize unprecedented time savings while achieving high-quality, accurate results.

Altair Engineering - MotionView


Shortened product development cycles demand that today’s multi-body system analysts study different system designs and complex loading scenarios in increasingly less time.

MotionView provides analysts and designers with an intuitive and powerful interface for studying mechanical systems. As the only solver-neutral modeling environment for multi-body dynamics simulation, MotionView's open-system design simplifies customization and automation by end-users. MotionView is ideally suited for cross-attribute optimization and provides advanced capabilities for efficient flexible-body system simulation.

MotionView's integration within the HyperWorks CAE technology suite enables users to efficiently create innovative and optimized designs within the same desktop environment.

Altair Engineering - Evolve


solidThinking EVOLVE formally known as solidThinking, is a 3D conceptual design software that empowers designers to swiftly capture their latest sketch or concept with its powerful NURBS modeling, highly intuitive graphic user interface (GUI) and advanced Construction Tree history. solidThinking EVOLVE's Real-time rendering further improves the user's interactive experience during the review and visualization phases of the production workflow.