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Siemens Industry Software, Altair, Stratasys 3D Printers, MathWorks, ESI, SLM, Solidscape, DCS and Synopsys Products

DesignTech with its recognized business alliances with global leaders, such as Siemens Industry Software, Altair Engineering, Stratasys, MathWorks, ESI, SLM, Solidscape, DCS etc. provide one-stop solutions for complete PLM and Additive Fabrication (Rapid Prototyping) Solutions; thus bringing the most comprehensive set of solutions for all size and type of industry for their requirement.

The company has recently diversified into providing industry standard application security products from Synopsys.

Siemens Industry Software

DesignTech is the leading distributor from India for Siemens PLM Software. Our Siemens range of products includes:

Altair Products

Altair focuses on developing a broad application suite of simulation technology to synthesize and optimize designs, processes and decisions that increase productivity. DesignTech is Exclusive Business Partner of Altair Engineering in India for their CAE software.

Stratasys 3D printers

Stratasys is on the forefront in the manufacturing of 3D printers. Based on proven FDM and PolyJet technology, Stratasys 3D printers offer 3D printing solutions for individuals and organizations alike. Stratasys 3D printers keep on evolving; here are the latest printers that DesignTech offers:


Model-Based Design is transforming the way engineers and scientists work by moving design tasks from the lab and field to the desktop. In model-based design, a system model is at the centre of the development process, from requirements development, through design, implementation, and testing. DesignTech Systems is a distributor of the MathWorks range of products.

Check the MATLAB & SIMULINK suites of Solution here.


ESI Group is a leading player in virtual prototyping software. DesignTech distributes Foundary, Welding and Assembly software from ESI.

Click here to see ESI virtual prototyping software

SLM 3D Printing Solutions

SLM Solutions is one of the pioneers in the sector of 3D printing. DesignTech Systems has the following SLM products required for 3D printing.

Solidscape 3D Printers

Solidscape designs, manufactures and markets high precision 3D printers. It is widely recognized as the leader for casting applications that require high-precision, ultra-fine feature detail and a smooth surface finish. Based out of New Hampshire, U.S.A., Solidscape is known for casting applications that require high-precision, ultra-fine feature detail and a smooth surface finish.

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DCS has more than 20 years experience of providing quality SPC and tolerance analysis solutions to manufacturers. 3DCS Variation Analyst is industry leading tolerance analysis software.

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Synopsys is a glaobal leader in providing Application Security products. DesignTech provides the following range of products from Synopsys: