Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality Services

The Ultra-Real Virtual Experiences

In the recent past, Augmented and Mixed Reality, in conjunction with the advancements in hardware platforms, has presented a novel and unique way to address the most challenging industrial problems. With interactive content becoming the new normal for disseminating information, trouble shooting, remote assist, complex installations/repairs, worker training etc., industries such as Aerospace, Defense, Industrial Machinery, Heavy Engineering have already begun to unlock the potential of Augmented and Mixed Reality based solutions.

We at DesignTech, keeping in line with our Mission to deliver latest and cutting edge technologies to our Clients, are fully geared to help our customers integrate Augmented and Mixed Reality in their processes, be it bringing their new line workers up to speed on complex shop floor tasks, to providing on demand expert assist to clients Globally, or bringing new levels in client engagement. Leveraging our expertise in developing CAD based interactive content; we can now take it a generation forward to integrate a true immersive experience.


This is a complete immersive experience where the user is transported to a different virtual environment making them a part of that world.


In this virtual simulation, the object is introduced or inserted into your existing surrounding for a more enhanced and detailed study and/or observation.


As the name suggests, MR is a hybrid or amalgamated experience that infuses the elements of real and virtual world to create a seamless combined ‘real & virtual’ world experience.

Difference between Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality / Mixed Reality


In this computer generated simulation, the user is the part of the 3D simulation and can hence actively engage with the elements of the experience. Holo lenses are used for VR experiences.

Virtual Reality has been around us for a few years and it saw lot of adoption in the Industry early on in areas such as Training, 3D Visualization and Interactive Content Development, Virtual Tours etc. But the experience with still very “video game like” and there was no correlation with Real World and Space, that presented lot of limitations in adoption of VR on shop floor and Real World Environment.


Augmented Reality is an audio-visual interactive experience where user is not the part of the experience, but instead is an innate observer. In this, the user is witnessing the simulation in the real world environment, where the object is enhanced through visualization simulation with the backdrop of the existing surrounding. A smart device and/or holo lenses can be used in AR experiences.

Augmented Reality provides flexibility to overlay digital information in real world, enhancing the user experience and allows real world information to be taken into account while experiencing digital information. The focus is primarily around real world objects superimposed with digital data, thus augmenting the overall information, but the interactivity remains only with real world objects.


Mixed Reality merges the real and simulated world to create an enhanced semi-immersive and interactive virtual simulations. In Mixed Reality the virtual and physical objects coexist to create a completely coherent, congruous and synchronized real time experiences. It makes for an ideal approach to examine or experiment how certain objects would fit or behave in the real world, by first placing them virtually in the real physical world and understanding their interaction. Holo lenses are used in MR experiences.

It combines the real and virtual worlds, by augmenting virtual object over and along real objects, also enabling manipulation of interaction with both physical and virtual objects for a seamless experience. The virtual objects become a part of the experience, enhancing and overlaying data and information with is actionable and interactive.

Using the latest development tools for AR/MR applications such as Unity, Vuforia, Scope AR and many more, DesignTech offers Augmented and Mixed Reality services to host of industry applications, such as.

Augmented Reality in Retail

With the onset of the digital platforms, the consumers are increasingly turning to online experience for most retail purchases. With the changing market scenario and buying behaviors, AR/MR can play a vital role in widening consumer reach and customer engagement. Below examples showcase how AR/MR can be leveraged in Retail Experiences ranging from Automotive Sales to a Consumer Product.

Augmented Reality / Mixed Reality in Aircraft Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO)

AR/MR also presents an opportunity for MRO service providers to scale offerings and operations for complex MRO tasks using semi-skilled manpower and technicians. The below example highlights how an AR instruction can be developed without at 3D CAD data of internal parts and can be then used for training and actual MRO process.

Aviation industry represents a unique opportunity that can leverage AR/MR to solve some of the most common challenges in MRO namely, quick turnaround time, lack of availability of experts for specific jobs at all locations/times, constantly changing requirements and upgraded airplanes, training challenges due to non-availability of airplanes or physical parts at all times etc. AR/MR also presents an opportunity for MRO service providers to scale offerings and operations for complex MRO tasks using semi-skilled manpower and technicians. The below example highlights how an AR instruction can be developed without a 3D CAD data of internal parts and can be then used for training and actual MRO process.

Augmented Reality / Mixed Reality in Industrial Machinery

Industrial machinery faces numerous challenges due to the nature of engagement with clients that include installation, training, troubleshooting and maintenance on a regular basis. Often, special equipment commissioning and operations can be challenging due to:

  • Installation and initial setup under expert supervision and skilled manpower at site.
  • Machine operators don’t perform routine maintenance checks and tasks due to lack of understanding.
  • Change of operators requires repeated training for optimum efficiency and output.
  • Downtime can cause critical delays in plant operations.
  • Not all field service engineers are familiar with all different machine maintenance and repairs, causing delays in service due unavailability of experts in required location.
  • Use of non-prescribed spares/local spares due urgent maintenance calls.
  • Inability to understand troubleshooting from maintenance manuals due to complex written instructions/diagrams and terminology.

Augmented and Mixed Reality can solve these issues with established ROI. Following are some of the examples on how AR/MR is being leveraged in the Machinery Sector to innovate the process from installation to maintenance.

Leveraging AR work instruction for troubleshooting

Leveraging sensor data to identify root cause of any problem, provide installation and repair instructions, update service records and maintain inventories of spares in a seamless environment

Marketing and Products Promotion: Redefining Exhibitor’s and Attendees experience in Expositions using Augmented and Mixed Reality

The current approach for any fair is to demonstrate actual parts/products in the various sections of the booth and explaining the unique features and technologies in a one on one conversation, allowing user to have a physical interaction with the products.

In the wake of ‘New Normal’ and changing marketing dynamics worldwide, the expos will witness booths with more digital information and less or no physical products. This will require the exhibitors to innovate on how to demonstrate New Developments and Products to prospective buyers. Augmented Reality offers a potential solution to address the need to demonstrate products, without having the need of physical products in display.

Besides Expos, the sales and technical teams can also demonstrate the products using Smart devices in their individual meetings. Showcasing the product with the AR experience is much more efficient and comprehensive as against product brochures.

Fully Interactive Experience in Augmented Reality with Immersive Surroundings

At our AR Lab we have been able to create a true-to-life Mixed Reality experience together with custom surroundings and ability to interact with objects, place them at correct locations and monitor the time taken by different individuals for the performing the tasks.

This opens up many new opportunities for Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality in developing training content that can span across industries including Aerospace, Defense, Heavy Machinery, Industrial Equipment, Oil and Gas, and many more, thus eliminating the need for physical assets for providing true-to-life working experience - saving millions of dollars and innumerable hours

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