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Interactive Technical Documentation

Interactive Technical Documentation

3D can be leveraged to publish rich content for multiple usage
CAD / CAE Engineering Services - Interactive Technical Documentation

Interactive Technical Documentation is an innovative concept of facilitating enhanced communication with the parties associated in developing, using, maintaining and propagating the products of the company. This distinctive approach enables the personnel to utilize the existing CAD data and apply latest simulation and visualization tools to create an audio – visual environment to learn about the assembly, disassembly, maintenance, support and services of the products. Being virtual in nature, it can be accessed by the people sitting in diverse geographical locations and in different time zones. Make P & M capital product Knowledge management is Computer based training manuals. Computer-Based Training (CBT) is a self-paced on-line instructions format. It guides trainees through the procedure of operating machine/system and making them proficient in performing the procedure. This is especially very useful for complex product structures where traditional video shooting or photography is not practical. This unique approach of communication is fast catching up pace in the diverse industrial sectors with marketing teams using this heavily to communicate the product concept and operations to their potential buyers; HR using it to train the people working on the shop floor about the appropriate ways and means to handle the product; and also the support and service people use it to train their staff with the recommended maintenance and services tips. It is appropriate for one to many users at a time, but is more commonly used for training large group of people in a short amount of time. This is a novel concept and has been very well received in US and European Market

The Emergence: Today's Market Scenario

In a global market place, product manufacturers are facing a challenge of disseminating their product know-how to their customers, partners and employees spread across the world.

With fast changing products and shortening of product life cycles this challenge has became much more difficult and critical to achieve

The way that many organizations work today is that they spent a lot of time and money to improve their products through 3D CAD tools and systems. Once their product is complete, they move into a product documentation process before they can release their product to market. They are typically using illustration programs like Corel or Acrobat or any number of tools to create some type of image or digital photograph.

Challenge of traditional Documentation/ Training system

  • Being an instructor led training system; the trainees are dependent upon the availability of instructor.
  • Repetition of training sessions is difficult in case of absence of instructors
  • Trainees find it easier to learn at their own pace
  • Investment in the Infrastructure

Advantages of Interactive Technical Documentation

Training people on the right procedures of installation and maintenance of any equipment are critical areas and a standard power point technique to train the people has its own set of limitations. The picture and script based communication might not bring in the necessary level of clarity which is required to efficiently operate the equipment. The conventional training conducted in the closed or on-line training rooms may get quite monotonous and fail to engage the attention of the personnel for the longer durations. The costs of these trainings in terms of hiring the trainer and time utilized are also significantly high. PKM's Computer Based training manuals would be an ideal solution to these issues. Three dimensional perspective of machine/system helps trainees to visualize while they are learning to operate it. Use of animation flash and an audio-visual technique avoids miscommunication and breaks the monotony of the training lectures and referring large volumes of training guides. It captures the attention of the trainees for a longer period of time. They can refer to it as and when needed, it facilitates visualization of the entire product operation thereby clearing ambiguity and does not require the company to hire a special trainer. Especially the companies having impressive global presence, can make the most of this innovative training concept which enables in effective education of the people sitting in different countries.

Interactive Electronic Technical Manual

Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM) as defined by US DOD means a technical manual prepared in a digital form using a suitable medium and designed for Electronic Window display to the user

Need for IETM

Traditional documentation process is primarily based on paper documentation. With the increased complexity of systems this method consumes enormous amount of paper. It is very difficult to handle and cumbersome to refer and comprehend. Paper based manuals also deteriorate with frequent use. In view of these challenges Indian Naval Forces now require their suppliers to submit technical manuals in IETM format. Current requirement is supply of IETM as per Class 4 guidelines

How DesignTech can help

DesignTech offers a one stop solution for development of IETM applications from content digitalization, preparation of 3D animations, interactive spare part list, development of authoring tool to approval of IETM application in conjunction with the supplier. DesignTech has been working with leading suppliers of defence systems and equipments for development of IETM applications in line with guidelines specified by Indian Naval Forces. Today we have successfully delivered IETM applications for a wide product spectrum like, Rocket launcher system, Torpedo launcher, Sonar system, Separator unit, HVAC system, AC& Refrigeration plant, Integrated bridging system etc.

DesignTech differentiators

  • Thorough understanding of Class 1 to Class 4 guidelines
  • End to end solution for IETM development
  • Experience in interacting with dockyards and Naval authorities for the application approval
  • IETM applications developed in line with Naval guidelines and infrastructure requirements
  • Extended support for IETM approval

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