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Mechanical Engineering and Product Design Services

Engineering Design Services

Right from the time the wheel was invented, all the things that man has created has a rationale behind it. Almost all the manmade objects that we see around us have an engineering design component in it. Take the simple example of a spoon. It can come in different sizes and material, but the basic utility remains unchanged. While the aesthetics may differ, there is an engineering design component in a spoon that makes it useful to serve / eat food.

The importance of Engineering Design
While the spoon is a very basic example, the complex artifacts that humans make today invariably involve engineering design. The Worli Sea link in Mumbai, the fastest car in the world, the supersonic jets, smart phones, the Burj Khalifa and the latest innovation in diagnostic medicine - all are examples of engineering design at work.
Thus, the prime purpose of engineering design is to apply scientific knowledge to the solution of technical problems. While engineers provide a technical solution, it is very important to understand that engineering design implies a solution that is aesthetic as well. In other words, designers too are involved to ensure that the end product is economical, eco friendly and appeals to users.

Engineering Design Tools
Many tools are available today that helps engineers / designers achieve their objective. Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) are software that allows engineers to be creative while satisfying the technical requirements of a product. A few of the popular tools include Siemens Industry Tools, CAE Suite of Solutions from Altair, 3 D printers from Stratasys, MATLAB and SIMULINK from MathWorks .
Introduced in the 1960’s to automate the task of design engineering, these tools have now grown phenomenally in terms of sophistication and functionality offered. Often time, special training is required to use these tools correctly.

Engineering Design Services
Most of the CAD / CAE software available today is complex. It takes special training to understand and utilize the harness the real power of these applications. Secondly, the cost of acquiring these tools is rather expensive. Many companies that need to develop products therefore outsource their engineering design requirements to agencies that provide such services. There are also times when the company has trained manpower and good CAD / CAE infrastructure, but the people working there are simply overloaded with work. In such cases too, companies avail engineering design services to share their work load when they are hard pressed for time.

A few of the engineering design services include:

CAD services
CAE services
FEA services
Moldflow Services
Thermal Analysis Services         
CFD services